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RES Forum/ MOVE Guides Research Paper Published- THE NEXT FRONTIER OF HR EXCELLENCE- Talent Mobility for the 21st Century Organization

The RES Forum and our partner MOVE Guides are delighted to share an exclusive copy of our new industry research which discusses the critical role that talent mobility plays towards the success of the 21st century organization. The paper is based on the findings from our recent survey that 80 RES Member organisations kindly participated in this Summer. Thank you to those of you that took part- your input has been invaluable.

You can access the full white paper here.

And the summary report Infographic here.

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We would also like to invite you to a live webinar on 27 October at 5:00 pm GMT, 9:00 am PST, where RES Forum Partner David Enser will discuss the key takeaways from the paper in an interactive session with MOVE Guides' CEO Brynne Herbert.

Key learning areas will include:

The current state of technology adoption in talent mobility.

  • Areas where a modern mobility platform can improve mobility management and service.
  • Key talent and technology trends impacting mobility teams.

You can secure your place here.